We are a family company, which also covers part of the Property, Production and Marketing of Grain and Port Services.

He began and continues with these activities Jose M. Coarasa, for more than 40 years, the ancestor, his father, Sunday Coarasa, who was devoted to agriculture since late 1940, Spanish immigrant who like many others came to americas and left everything for a better future.

Since 1996 is at the forefront of the real estate department Antonio D. Coarasa, who sell fields and stays. It offers advice from a staff of collaborators, including: Surveyor, an agricultural engineer, accountant, architect, etc.. to collaborate with clients in their investment projects.

Due to the diversification of existing activities in the area, fractions have been sold for recreational purposes such as production,
among which we find: blueberries, capers, aromatic, peas, animal ñandúes, rabbits, snails, finances, etc...
Also the industrial sector is of great importance, currently offered land for Industry, Ports and Deposits with categories I, II and III.

To carry out the activities of grain production has a stock of the latest generation of machines. And a modern plant Grain Storage.

Enhance property covering other areas and continue with the comprehensive advice to our clients.

Coarasa Real Estate| Ruta 9 Km. 95 a metros del peaje. Zárate – Pcia. de Bs. As.
(03487) 456713 / 15400542
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